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Servers #1 & #2 Wipe today!

news1 News 29.04.16

As requested, primitive server of the very great game Rust including bow and arrows, also crossbows with various types of arrows is wiping today. Yesterday's update has brought many great changes into the game, including incendiary arrows also poisoning and hardly bleeding ones. We're wiping big clans server too, since there's too many entities that may cause lag, stay tuned for exact hour of the wipe!


Base Designs | Ep. 20 is out!

Tutorials 27.04.16

Finally, how some would say "after five years on the eas coast, it's time to...", that's right that the time for a new rust cribes video. In this episode presented to you by very known Phaedo82 you'll encourage a not that small geometric base that has been made by a small Rustorian clan. It's been mainly built out of metal but you can find some stone and even wooden placeholders...


Devblog 108 - what's new?

devblog1 Devblogs 25.04.16

Not that logn ago the new water system has been relased and it's already getting some major changes, devs are trying to balance this particural system as nothing else. One of the major additions is the flamethrower, it will surely interest unmature raiders wanting to take down some wooden bases This update also intoduces metabolism


Devblog 108 - first look

Updates 24.04.16

Yesterday an update came to the dev branch version of the game, interested folks can download the prerelase version directly from Steam. We're taking look at the newest XP mechanics, and thanks to generosity of Phadeo 82 who made a great update video, we can all look at the freshest things coming to the game. Worth mentioning our all servers will be wiped tommorow.


Hacker attack on Server #3

news2 News 21.04.16

Sadly there was an attack on one of our servers. It happened about 3 hours ago but thanks to our awesome mods and skillz we managed to get those cunt hacker beaten up. They used a bug and spawned in rocks. A lot of rocks - how? They used recent memory leak. It's all fixed now and we're horribly sorry for what happened. No refunds.

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